‘James Strauss Scentsation’


The James Strauss Scentsation is one of our most striking Orchids. Beautifully scented with ivy-spotted petals and a lilac sweeping tongue.

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Found in the humid forests of South America, the Zygopetalum genus of the Orchid family are famed for there highly scented flowers. The Orchid’s name derives from the Greek Zygon meaning ‘yoked petal’ to describe the unique shape caused by the sepals and petals fusing together. McBean’s grow a whole range of striking hybrids that will make a beautiful addition to your home.


  • Grow in cool to intermediate conditions preferring a night temperature of 12oC and a day temperature of 18oC
  • They need 50% shade during the summer months
  • They tend to flower in the Spring but some can flower again in the Autumn
  • Use a well drained orchid compost or bark
  • Water sparingly from the top of the pot
  • They lose the old leaves at the back of the plant as they make new ones at the front, so don’t worry if the old leaves turn spotty and fall off


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‘James Strauss Scentsation’”