Vanda Tayanee ‘white’

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This Vanda has cream, white flowers, interesting foliage and lengthy roots.

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There are about 80 species of the Vanda orchid. Vandas are epiphytes which means they live in trees with their roots dangling, soaking up moisture and nutrients from the air. Vandas are widespread across East Asia, South East Asia and New Guinea. Interestingly all Vandas spend their first four years growing up in Thailand before being shipped around the world.


  • They like temperatures of 13oC (no lower) to 35oC degrees.
  • They like high light levels and high humidity. Indirect sunlight is best.
  • We recommend using rainwater when watering/feeding. Fill a glass cylinder with water and feed once a week and leave roots to soak for half an hour.
  • Flowers can last 2 months and repeat flower every 2-3 months in the correct conditions.


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