McBean’s Chelsea Collection Box of 5


We are offering you an opportunity to start your own collection of McBean’s orchids. Please note these orchids are out of flower and are are due to flower in Spring 2020. Price includes delivery. We will give you a mix and match selection of some of our finest orchids used at the Chelsea Flower Show 2019. If you have any special requests for your order please email or call us on 01273 400228 The selection includes five of the following: Oncidium Munsterland (yellow), Oncostelle Catatanthe (burnt orange), Vanilla (white flower – young plant won’t flower for a good few years), Rhyncholaeliocattleya (various colours – pink and yellow), Cattleya (white), Psychopsis marisposa (butterfly orchid yellow and orange)



These orchids were used on the McBean’s stand at Chelsea Flower Show 2019. The nursery has a long association with the Chelsea Flower Show and has been exhibiting there since the show’s inception, winning over 70 gold medals.


This collection has a variety of different orchids with different requirements. With this order we will supply a care booklet with all the information on each different orchid and its needs. The main points for looking after orchids:

  • Light room but not in direct sunlight.
  • Normally, watering once each week is sufficient but, during the hot summer months it may be necessary to water twice weekly.
  • We recommend using rainwater when watering/feeding.
  • Humidity is key to keeping orchids. If you live in a dry, hot house we recommend putting your orchid on a small tray of damp gravel to create a micro-climate of humidity. Never let your orchid sit in water.


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