Devon Lord ‘Viceroy’


A larger and more rounded flower, copper with chestnut overtones. Leaves are broader than most. Forms a compact plant. Miniature Cymbidium. Pot not included.


The Cymbidium is a large and highly varied orchid with around 50 species and from these thousands of hybrids have been bred. Cymbidium is the oldest cultivated orchid, and there is evidence that they were grown in China 2500 years ago in records from 500 BC at the time of Confucius. The wild types are found growing naturally in China, and Japan through the Himalayas, South East Asia to Australia.


  • They like temperatures of 10oC to 14oC degrees
  • Fairly strong light at 2500-3000 ft. candles is good for these plants. If they are grown in a conservatory or greenhouse then 50%-60% shading is needed during the summer months to prevent leaf burn and overheating. If you are growing them outside in summer, early morning sun is ideal, but do provide some shade against the strongest sunlight.
  • Normally, watering once each week is sufficient but, during the hot summer months it may be necessary to water twice weekly.
  • We recommend using rainwater when watering/feeding
  • Flowers may last 5 to 7 weeks
  • Peak flowering period occurs during the Autumn and Winter or late Spring


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    Wonderful strong plant the packaging was definitely excellent and the plant arrived in perfect condition.Got advice on plants and care from very knowledgeable nurseryman.

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    Outstanding vigorous plant with luxuriant flowers. Recommended by Nurseryman Jim and very much appreciated.

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