Coelogyne cristata “alba”


Coelogyne crista “alba” has beautiful pure white flowers and interesting pseudobulbs.

Terracotta pot not included.


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Coelogyne is an type of sympodial epiphytes which range from India, Chine, Indonesia and the Himalayas. They can be found in tropical lowland forests and in cooler montane rainforests.


  • They like temperatures of 16oC to 24oC degrees. They need a cooler winter to help with reflowering 7oC -13oC.
  • Fairly strong light at 2500-3000 ft. candles is good for these plants. If they are grown in a conservatory or greenhouse then 50%-60% shading is needed during the summer months to prevent leaf burn and overheating.
  • Normally, watering once each week is sufficient but, during the hot summer months it may be necessary to water twice weekly.
  • Humidity 50-70% – if you live in a dry atmosphere put on a tray with gravel and top up with water to create a micro-climate. Never let it sit in water.
  • We recommend using rainwater when watering/feeding
  • Flowers may last 5 to 7 weeks
  • Peak flowering period occurs early spring


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