Brassia hybrid, Toscana OUT OF FLOWER

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This inter generic Brassia hybrid has a wonderful spidery flowers with a large white lip

** currently out of flower **

Terracotta pot and Spanish moss not included

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The Brassia genus of orchids can be found in Mexico, the West Indies and Central America and is named after William Brass, an illustrator and botanist. Well known for their long tapering sepals, these orchids have earning the name ‘Spider Orchid’ for their striking arachnid appearance. These petals have evolved to mimic the prey of spider-hunter wasps. The wasp mistakenly sting the flower and while attempting to unsuccessfully grasp their prey they inadvertently pollinate the flower!


  • Brassia likes a warm and comfortable existence
  • We recommend nothing less than 13oC at night and up to 29oC during the day
  • Never allow the plant to dry out completely in the summer and water frequently, possibly every 3-4 days
  • During winter only water every 2-3 weeks


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