Adiantum hispidulum Fern


Adiantum ferns have a variety of uses indoors. They can be grown indoors in pots or hanging baskets.


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The Adiantum genus of about 200 different species that grow around the world, everywhere from New Zealand to the Andes. The word Adiantum comes from the Greek adiantos, which means ‘unwetted’ and refers to the way that maidenhair fern fronds repel water.


  • A temperature of about 21°C is ideal, but temperatures below 16°C should be avoided.
  • Can’t tolerate dry air, provide humidity for the plant and avoid direct sunlight.
  • The soil needs to be kept constantly moist, but not soggy.
  • Self-watering pot, these pots allow the plant to take up as much water as is needed at a time.


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