McBean’s Gift Voucher


Give the gift of a McBean’s gift voucher for your loved one. They can choose from our unique and excellent orchid collection to enjoy in their homes. An orchid purchased from here really will last you a lifetime. Gift vouchers valid for a year. 







Orchids have seduced collectors for hundreds of years. First arriving in Britain from South America in the early 19th century, many people became avid collectors of these mysterious and beguiling plants. Today the fascination continues and McBean’s orchids are unique in terms of their diversity, quality and longevity.


McBean’s was established in 1879 by James McBean and has served the British Royal family with orchids for their homes and weddings for many years. The nursery has a long association with the Chelsea Flower Show and has been exhibiting there since the show’s inception, winning over 70 gold medals. Returning to the show this year is the 117 year old Cymbidium Lowianum orchid, which has been to every show with McBean’s – 101 shows and counting!


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