Coelogyne cristata “alba” *Out of Flower*

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Coelogyne crista “alba” has blousy pure white flowers, which are short lived yet beautiful! They provide year round interest with their unusual plump green pseudobulbs and strappy lush foliage.

Plants are in approx. 1litre pots.

These plants are out of flower. Pictures are a guide only. Terracotta pot not included.

*If frost is forecast we will ship on the nearest suitable day*



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Coelogyne ( pronounced “see-LODGE-in-ee) is a species of wide ranging epiphyte that can be found from India and Chine to Indonesia and the Himalayas. They can be found in tropical lowland forests and in cooler mountain rainforests.


  • They like temperatures of 16oC to 24oC degrees. They need a cooler winter to help with reflowering –  7oC -13oC is ideal.
  • Fairly bright indirect light is good. If they are grown in a conservatory or greenhouse then some shading will be needed during the summer months to prevent leaf burn and overheating.
  • Normally, watering once each week is sufficient however during summer it may be necessary to water twice weekly.
  • They love a high humidity – about  50-70% is ideal. You can help achieve this by sitting in a gravel tray with water in. Just make sure the plant isn’t sitting in water!
  • We recommend using rainwater when watering/feeding
  • Flowers are beautiful, but short lived – make the most of them!


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