Cymbidium Mystery Back Bulb Kit


A rare opportunity to grow your own McBean’s Cymbidium at home.

Pseudobulbs (Backbulbs) are able to produce their own brand new plant, producing leaves and roots this season. It will take a few years to reach a mature plant – however cymbidium flowers must be earned!

The kit contains all you need to start growing your orchid – a coir/plastic pot, potting mix, instructions and a back bulb with small growth, and is perfect for beginners and experienced orchid growers alike. The perfect gift for any plant lover.

If you would like a specific variety they are also available here.

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Once planted, the backbulb will soon put on new roots and a growth of leaves. They require very little attention or care at this stage, all the water and nutrients they need are inside the bulb. Do not water until you see leaves! (You can rot the bulb, be careful, keep it on the dry side

See our back bulb page here to learn more.


***If ordering for christmas, you will need to unwrap the bulb straight after delivery – they will happily keep if they are kept in a dry bright spot until then!***

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