Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions which may help you with the care and growth of your orchids. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for please feel free to contact McBean’s for advice on 01273 400228 or by email.

a. 3 nodes up from the base of the spike

a. No, but is good to be able to see and check the roots

a. No better to grow on a tray of wet gravel

a. Kitchen is generally good because of high humidity, but avoid a south facing window in the summer

a. When it is dry approximately once a week in the summer though once every two weeks in the winter

a. Always best to use rain water

a. Yes we supply McBean’s spring/summer autumn/ winter feed

a. Stand outside (perhaps under the apple tree) from mid May to mid October – avoid a frost!

a. When it is bursting from the pot or has been in the same pot for over 5 years

a. When it has made approximately 10 bulbs in the pot, the plant can be divided but keep minimum 4 bulbs per division

a. Use “Provado” .clean the plant carefully with a cloth, then spray, repeat after 10 days

Please feel free to contact Mcbean’s directly for advice on 01273 400228 or at sales@mcbeans.com