Caring for your Cymbidium



Cymbidium are classed as ‘cool growing’ orchids. When indoors – late September until the end of May – we recommend day temperatures of 14 – 21oC, and night temperatures of 11-13oC. If possible place your Cymbidium outdoors during the summer. Temperatures will of course fluctuate, however no higher than  27oC is ideal. 


Indoors, keep in a light position. From June to September leave outside, out of direct sun.


Normally once weekly watering is sufficient, however during the hot summer months it may be necessary to water twice weekly. Rain water is preferable, and we recommend using our specialist fertiliser at the rate specified on the bottle.

Every fourth watering, leave out the fertiliser to allow any build up of salts to be washed away.


If in a particularly dry atmosphere, stand your plant on a moist gravel tray to increase the humidity.


We recommend repotting every two to three years, and this would usually be in late spring after flowering. If necessary you can divide your plant at this time too. We recommend always using a specialised cymbidium compost – ours contains a combination of bark, perlite, peat and fertiliser, and is mixed by us here on the nursery. You can purchase it here. If you are local to the nursery, we are happy to divide or repot your orchid for you at a small cost of £5 per plant. Please email to book an appointment.


When your plant has finished flowering, cut the cane about two inches from the base. Position the plant in a light, airy spot during its cool period. Don’t be alarmed if the oldest leaves go yellow and fall off- your orchid is hopefully just making room for its lovely new leaves!