We would recommend temperatures around
Night 16.5-18.5°C (62-66°F)
Day 21-30°C (70-86°F)

Don’t let night temperatures go below 12°C (55°F). If your conditions are near to this minimum, keep you orchid quite dry. Higher day time temperatures are fine as long as your plant has good humidity and airflow.

Likes good light, but don’t place your plant too close to a south facing window where it might burn in the summer sun.

How often should you water? Your own conditions and the time of year will influence this. Dendrobium like plenty of water while in flower but after this, water sparingly and rest your plant.

Rainwater is always preferable. Water well from the top and leave to drain. Don’t let your plant stand in excess water and if the pot is placed inside another container, make sure there is no water trapped between them. It’s important to let the compost dry out between waterings.

Feed your plant regularly when you water but every fourth watering leave out the fertiliser to allow any build up to be washed from the compost.

The choice of fertiliser is important as ordinary pot plant food is too strong for your orchid. Use an orchid feed. We have our own McBean’s Orchids fertiliser which is available for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter growing, in two sizes, 100ml and 300ml.

If you live in a dry atmosphere, standing the plant on a moist gravel tray will create a microclimate and assist growth. Make sure the base of the pot is above the water level. Putting the pot on an upturned saucer would help lift it slightly.

Including some ferns on the tray would not only make an attractive arrangement but also help humidity levels. Gently misting the plants early in the morning can be useful if the air is really dry.

A well aerated, free draining orchid compost which includes bark is best.

You can purchase our branded compost mix online and in our nursery shop.

Your dendrobium prefers not to be disturbed, so only repot when the plant has filled the pot and then, preferably in the spring. If in doubt, we are happy to offer a repotting service, please call the nursery.


• Your dendrobium doesn’t like standing next to a heater or radiator and dislikes draughts.

• Occasionally a leaf may go yellow and drop off. Don’t worry, it’s quite normal.

• If it loses lots of leaves, you are probably over watering and giving it a root problem.

• If your orchid should suffer serious leaf loss, stop watering and feeding for four weeks. This may encourage new roots to be produced.

Plant not for consumption!