McBeans collaborate with three young artists. Chelsea Flower show 2018

 We were proud to present ‘Lowing’ a commission made by artists Elinor Stanley, Ned Armstrong & Steph Hartop, creating a sculptural support structure to display orchids.

Drawing from elements of the Sussex landscape and interior architecture, the artists sought to transplant McBeans locality into a set displaying the orchids and emphasising the structures required for the development of this vast and varied species. Working intuitively, the artists chose materials that articulate the chalky Sussex landscape surrounding McBeans. As the project progressed it became apparent that within the world of orchids the boundaries between natural and artificial become obscured. If the success of a species is measured by variety and abundance there is surely none more successful the orchid.

Elinor Stanley (b.1992) is an artist based in London. She completed her BA at Glasgow School of Art. Recent shows include Strong Currents, Botany Bay, Margate 2018, With Kin, Manor Farm Dorset 2017, Fort Bravo, Caledonian Road Church, Glasgow 2017, June, Set Space, London 2017, Pendolino, Glasgow New Society 2017, Hedging, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow 2016, MONO, URG3L, Madrid 2016, Glasgow to Leeds, Blip Blip Gallery Leeds 2015. She is a member of BART WALTZ Collective who exhibited in 2016, The Glue Factory Glasgow and Gayfield Gallery, Edinburgh. In 2016 Elinor received the HAL20 scholarship and was artist in residence at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow. In 2018 she was selected for Chisenhale Art Place’s Into The

Wild program and is currently an associate to Open School East, Margate.

Ned Armstrong (b. 1992) is an artist based in London, he completed a BA at Edinburgh College of Art where he received the George Jackson prize for excellence in painting. Recent exhibitions include G.E.L., Basic Mountain Gallery, Edinburgh, 2018, Places I want to be, P.S. Miracle Gallery, 2018, Paperworks, The Popular Rectory, London 2018, Stuffstarts, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow 2017, Dirty Den, Forrest Road, Edinburgh 2017, June, Bermondsey Projects, London 2017, Camberwell Arts Festival 2017, Further Away, India Dickinson Gallery, London 2017, Spindleshanks, All Saints Rectory, London 2017, Annuale, St Margarets House, Edinburgh 2016, Fourth, India Dickinson Gallery, London 2016, Gubbins Ran, St Margarets House, Edinburgh 2016, Kiosk, Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh 2016, Painting Now, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown Wales 2016

Steph Hartop (b.1991) graduated from Goldsmiths in 2014 with a BA in Fine Art and Art History. Previous exhibitions include: June, Set Space, London 2017, Paralysis, Ellis King, Dublin 2015, Gesamt, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copehagen Art Festival 2012. She lives and works in London.